Monday, October 26, 2009


I follow a terrific blog every day. One that makes me smile and feel happy whenever I read it. The blogger loves rainbow colors and I can't help but smile everytime I see one of her 'rainbow' photos. I'm not sure she even realizes her photos run in rainbow colors. I have a friend just like her actually. Everything in my friend's house is organized following the rainbow color wheel. My son does this too! I think these are happy people! :) All of her photos are amazing.

Meg, the author of the blog 'Whatever', and a few of her friends spent a whole childless weekend making crafts for this special non-profit: Water4Christmas. I thought it was spectacular! If I lived anywhere near them, I would have definitely joined in the fun. I love volunteering for great causes.

Here's the link to Whatever. Read a bit and buy a few items from the Etsy store they put together specifically for the water cause.


Saturday, October 17, 2009


"I make dresses for women who actually wear them." –Valentino

If you haven't already seen "Valentino: The Last Emperor" documentary, you need to! I loved it. What a great peek into the life and design process of this incredible fashion icon. I wish it would have been longer than the 1-1/2 hours.

The show follows Valentino and his long time partner Giancarlo through the final year of the Valentino spring collection, Paris runway show, celebration of his 45 year career as a fashion designer (a 3 day celebration), and the finale runway show collection in Rome. In addition to all this fabulousness (is that a word?), the peek into his personal life is irresistible.

As for the Haute Collections, the real magic happens in the backroom where the devoted seamstresses work tirelessly to help Valentino complete his designs. Not one sewing machine in the whole place!! Everything is done by hand. Unbelievable. The method is simple: The head seamstress is handed a sketch by Valentino himself, he gives her a brief review of what he wants, she then returns to the workroom where they make the design come to life. At one point in the film you see 6 ladies working on one dress finishing the details just before Valentino's review. Truly shows you must be born into Haute Couture to know and respect this method. You slowly realize perhaps this complete design method and hand sewn art will die without the likes of Valentino.

His personal life is truly "LaDolce Vita." Private jets, Royalty, super models, famous film stars, 6 villas, 200 house staff, and one fabulous house manager who makes everything work seamlessly treating Valentino like royalty (one could argue he is). All this giving Valentino time to design and sketch his like-no-other creations. His homes are perfect, impeccable, sculptured, and indescribably gorgeous. His perfection is carried throughout EVERY aspect of his life. His impeccable business suits. Everything he touches. He and Giancarlo have spent their 45 years together 365/24/7 as described by them. A beautiful relationship you get to see firsthand. Inspiring!

A definite MUST SEE. One of my favorite films!


Monday, October 5, 2009

Drew Barrymore released her first directorial debut this weekend. I didn't see it this weekend due to the never ending flu feeling here at my house. I woke up today to not so good reviews on her behalf which was disappointing. I, for one, will always support Drew no matter what the critics say. I love her enthusiasm and love of life. It's contagious.

We are coming into the 'Oscar' season, meaning the Oscar worthy films will be out soon. This summer was slow to say the least. Are there any companies out there making good films? We can't even depend on the well knowns anymore. I look forward to the coming months. Surely something will be worth watching. Until then, I'll remember the Emmys red carpet with a smile on my face.