Monday, May 25, 2009



Which ending did you see?? There are 3 you know. Our friend Skip did a stand up job working with the other writers and Hugh Jackman to put together a film that left us hanging—and wanting to see the next installment. Wolverine probably isn’t everyone’s ‘cup of tea,’ but the Duchess definitely liked it. Yes, I’m more of the romantic comedy fan, but every now and then I love a good fantasy/action movie. After all, we’re looking for an escape from reality, aren’t we?

This Wolverine takes us back to the beginning. I don’t know the comic book story character, but I’m getting to know this crew of X-Men and the bonus mutants. The story line is a little disjointed. There are a few corny lines. All is quickly overlooked by the fantastic graphics—and of course, Jackman himself. It’s crazy what they can do these days! I walked out of the theater saying, “Wow, how do they come up with that stuff?!? Huge imaginations! And the graphics—you can hardly tell it isn’t real.” Well...there were a few places where you could tell, but nothing that breaks the illusion of the story. There were just enough slow moments to let you catch your breath and then continue the ride. Believe me--I don’t think anyone can say they know what is going to happen next when they watch this one.

We’re all expecting action adventure for the summer. Make this film your first stop. ….and be waiting for more from Skip Woods.


p.s. It is quite graphic. This one’s not for the little guys unless they’re used to watching that sort of violence.

Friday, May 22, 2009



I had to see what the ‘hoopla’ was about. I rented The Wrestler last weekend. I liked the edgy Mickey Rourke in the 80s. I couldn’t stand to see what seemed to be such a great career end in tragedy. Thank goodness for this movie I thought….

This one made my eyes pop out. First thought—okay, this was obviously written by a man. You should know this film is not for the weak or kind hearted. The subject matter is intense. I can’t remember what it was rated but I would vote NC-17 if I was on the panel of decision makers. Although the story is one that should certainly be told, basically filmed in documentary type style, this film was brutal on the human senses.

Rourke does play a great part. I feel he did deserve the awards--especially knowing this tale was similar to his own life. Heartbreaking. They say each of us has our own story. This film enhances that premise. I’ll never look at the guy behind the deli counter the same way.

Be prepared to see brutal honesty, a father-daughter relationship that can’t be repaired, strip clubs, steroids, self-inflicted wounds, and the extreme underworld of the wrestling community. Somber is the best word I can think of to describe this film.


Friday, May 8, 2009


I’ll be traveling to the Long Beach, CA area this summer. I’m going with a friend (or should I say invited myself/tagging along) to celebrate her sister’s birthday. I love California any time of year because the weather is typically awesome, especially in comparison to the 90 degrees we’re getting here in Texas this week---and it’s not even summer! Ughhh.

Anyway, I would love to hear any ideas you might have of things to do and places to see while we’re out there. I’m particularly interested in farmers markets, one of a kind events (I heard about the balloon and wine festival in Temecula), flea markets, great beach shops….you know, ‘local flavor’ type shops and ideas. Any junk gypsies out there?

I’ll be without hubby and boys, so anything is possible. I won’t have to listen to the ‘this is boring’ comments from the teenagers….you know what I mean?!

Last time I went away with a friend I lost my passport and was stranded in Mexico. Pray for me that doesn’t happen this time!!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Kooza is headed to Circus camp again this summer. Have I mentioned that already? I’ve been making a few arrangements to stay in Montreal this July. All the planning has brought back memories of last year when I spent a week there just relaxing and enjoying a great, low-key vacation destination. (That's Kooza hanging in the photo.)

One afternoon as I was eating pizza at a local outdoor cafĂ©, I couldn’t help but notice the ‘cigarette break’ a young girl was taking across the street through a second story window. As I saw her and peeked a little further into the room she was coming from, I couldn’t help thinking there was something artsy and wonderful that she was a part of. I couldn’t quite figure out what they were doing. I saw a photographer and lots of photo lights flashing but I just couldn’t put my finger on it.
A Mom doesn’t get too many breaks you know. So….with summer fast approaching, I’m dreaming of Montreal and enjoying the great cool summer weather there.

Monday, May 4, 2009


What happens 24 hours after your dogs (daschund and chihuahua) find their way onto your kitchen table and eat one medium pepperoni pizza and one pasta primavera pizza bowl you ask???

Lots of R&R and trips outside.....

I don't have to be in Lubbock for craziness to happen. :)


Saturday, May 2, 2009


This is nearly the most exciting news I’ve ever had to report. If it had come true, it WOULD be the most exciting news.

I came ‘this close’ to having tickets to the premiere of the new ‘Wolverine’ movie. When I say ‘premiere’ I mean the HOLLYWOOD premiere---the one where all the stars show up on the red carpet. YEP!! The dream didn’t come true this time but I’m assured that I will be included in the next round.

Why? Skip Woods, the screenplay writer of the ‘Wolverine’ pre-quel is a friend. We’ve known him while he has worked his way up the Hollywood mountain. So happy for Skip! This is his second movie with BIG name stars (last one was with John Travolta). We are certainly hoping for more!!

My ‘so close’ tears are gone for now. Today the tears are for happiness and Skip’s success. It was a great opening for the film. For Skip’s sake, and that of triple-threat (!) Hugh Jackman, I hope the film breaks records at the box office this weekend.