Thursday, April 30, 2009


This past weekend Kooza and I traveled to the ‘big city’ of Lubbock for his regional competition. Kooza is a gymnast. His specialty is Trampoline and Tumbling.

I’m happy to report he came home with one GOLD medal and two SILVER medals after competing in his three events. Coming home with 3 medals for his first regional competition is outstanding. Texas was competing against 8 other states. I can’t name them all. (Sometimes ignorance is bliss you know.) We just wanted to go and ‘do our best.’ I think he did just that. He missed one gold medal finish by one-tenth of a point! That’s the crazy sport of gymnastics.

Overall, our ‘Team Air Force’ did really well. It was a very successful weekend for us. We still have more work before the season is over. The next 6 weeks will be spent preparing for Nationals for Kooza and a few other team members.

The weekend was full of mishaps and craziness in Lubbock---including watching the guy behind me try to pass a bottle of whiskey and a liter of coke through airport security! WHAT?! The same guy stole a wheelchair and fell back while 'popping a wheelie.' Believe me, lots of stories to tell. Luckily the craziness didn’t seem to phase Kooza. When it came time to compete, he was ‘in the zone.’

I’ve never considered myself a big city snob, but after this past weekend, I’m thinking maybe I am…. :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Cliff Notes on the remaining films:

This was a twisted film. Imagine every dysfunctional family you know and then put a camera on their worst days. This is the movie. It was a great part for Anne Hathaway. I certainly see why she agreed to be in the movie. There is NO doubt--this one is WAY depressing. The AA meeting Anne’s character attended was almost the same scene as her film sister’s wedding rehearsal dinner. This movie is only for the diehards of the film industry.

Depressing. Typical music industry drugs and alcohol. The movie is filmed in so much darkness that you can’t see the actors. Music history worth missing.

Some people have mentioned they didn’t want to see this film because of the controversial lifestyle portrayed. I have to say, Sean Penn softens the edge and is remarkable in this film. A friend of mine can tell you exactly where she was that fateful day in San Francisco when she heard Milk was killed. It made that much of an impact in her life then and now. I’m not sure I would see this film again. I will state again, Penn was amazing in this film.

In a rush I’ll say you have to see THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES. A chick flick positively worth seeing. Dakota Fanning is charming. I can’t wait to see her in more films.

More films I’ve seen:

I’ve been doing a LOT of reading lately and have put films on the back burner for a while, hence the slow blog entries. There are a few in the theater I would like to see. I’m looking forward to the summer blockbusters!